To be Rock and Not to Roll

I'm Diego. 18, I like music. talk to me.

"All Things Must Pass" - George Harrison


A Maldives beach awash in bioluminescent Phytoplankton looks like an ocean of stars

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The Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, MA, also known as the S.K. Pierce Mansion. Built in 1875, it has a long and colorful history, including accounts of murder and suspicious deaths. Originally a private residence of the wealthy businessman S.K. Pierce, its history of becoming a brothel, a boarding house, and residence of an eccentric artist whose paintings were a bit disturbing (half man, half beast paintings) might be the reason the Victorian is infested with both active spirits and imprints of residual energy.

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I’ve been waiting years for this gifset to come into my life.

But what if he was speaking Gallifreyan about really complicated physics and all the TARDIS could translate was ‘Physics’


headcanon accepted

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